Who Benefits from Paperless Credentialing?

- February 04, 2016 -


“It’s a win-win.”

Decision-makers like to hear these words when they have to give the big OK. The decision may be for adopting a new tool, hiring more personnel, or even something as simple as which printer to choose. Whatever it might be, we believe that taking into consideration who and how they will benefit plays a large role in the decision-making.   

What’s the big question then—how will our paperless credentialing software help you and will it impact anyone else?

At Silversheet, we’ve created something that is extremely useful for credential managers, but they are not the only group that benefits from the product. Other individuals or entities include the facility, providers, and the patients. For our customers, implementing a paperless credentialing system has been a “win-win-win-win.”

Let’s take a look at how smart, paperless credentialing benefits each of the four groups:

Credential Managers

Several of our customers have been using Silversheet since the launch of our company now. We’ve learned from them what makes or breaks a successful credentialing system, and we’ve adapted the software to give our users the best workflow experience and outcomes.

The outcomes involve a big change in the workflow for the credential manager’s better. Provider information is organized digitally without foregoing compliance or security, and everything can be accessed in a centralized storage. Strong paperless solutions include automation, which eliminates the need for extraneous tools for reminders. Long gone are the days of paper files and searching for information manually.

Our customers, Mini and Claudia, significantly reduced their credential management time by 25-50% after implementing a paperless credentialing system.

Healthcare Facilities

Efficient workflows make efficient workers who, in the end, impact the facility. It makes sense to go paperless when facility can save money and resources.

Some of our users are actually nurses who were delegated the credentialing duties of the facility. Due to the amount of paperwork they were burdened with, they didn’t have time to attend to their nurse duties that the facility had originally hired them for. This means that the facility was paying the higher salary of a nurse, but not for the full nurse position.

Paperless credentialing also reduces the time it takes to credential a provider by 25% (see infographic). In doing so, there is a shorter wait time and the doctor is able to provide health care sooner. A quicker turnaround time is especially useful for facilities who lack and are in need of specialized doctors.  


We encourage engagement between the providers and facilities in the healthcare community. A smart credentialing system allows providers to upload credentials. Both sides of our users have the ability to participate in updating documents so they really don’t need to go through the call-email-fax-scan-upload process.

A huge benefit is increased connectability, which reduces overall work for both sides. Once doctors are in our system, they can connect with multiple facilities without having to send or re-upload credentials for each center.


We cannot put enough emphasis on how we believe that healthcare should be about the patients, not paperwork. Efficiency matters because it affects many parties tied to the organization. In healthcare, they are doctors, supervisors, directors, and patients among many others.

Silversheet wants to give you a more than a win-win. We are committed to creating a solution for saving time that can be allocated to patient care. Learn more about how our software can simplify your credentialing and be of great benefit to your facility by scheduling a quick live demo.

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