Case Study: Surgical & Endoscopy Center of Bergen Country, USPI

- January 26, 2016 -


All of our customers are busy people. A number of them are credential managers who have another position, be it a nurse, supervisor, or another role that requires a lot of time. They come to us with their challenges and the question, “how can you make my job easier?”

We’re not just a paperless credential management software. We’re also a skilled team dedicated to making your experience complete, and your workflow efficient.

Read how we helped one of our customers, Claudia Santos, a credentialing coordinator and scheduling supervisor, manage her workflow in our latest case study.

About the Center
Surgical and Endoscopy Center of Bergen County
Number of Doctors: 73
Type of Practice: Surgical and Endoscopy Center
Accreditation: AAAHC

The center wanted to adopt a credential management system that...

— Reduces overall credentialing time and the amount of paperwork she deals with.
— Can be seamlessly integrated into her current workflow.
— Consolidates all file information into one centralized and easy-to-access location.

Implementing Silversheet

Implementing Silversheet


greencheckmark Reduced Credentialing Time Significantly
Using Silversheet on an operational level has reduced Claudia’s credentialing time by 25%.

greencheckmark Increased Accessibility of All Files
Silversheet has centralized the center’s credentialing. Claudia can access credential files at any time and from any location through the internet.

greencheckmark Allowed for Doctor to Self-update Files
Claudia’s credential system is automatically updated when a doctor uploads a document in Silversheet.

We helped Claudia cut down a great deal of her paperwork and busywork, saving her time to work on other things. Get in touch us for a quick live demo to see how Silversheet can do the same for you and simplify your credentialing.

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