Silversheet Update: Doctor Administrator, Account Settings & Users

- August 09, 2016 -

Rolling off our recent announcement on major changes to our Doctors platform, this week we bring you more good news and updates for our Facility platform. This update will go over our new features: Doctor Administrator, Credentialing Requirements, and Additional Users.

Doctor Administrator

We’re excited to introduce the Doctor Administrator feature! Doctors can now delegate access to their Silversheet account to an admin/credentialing contact through their doctor account. The Doctor Administrator receives an invite to Silversheet and can begin managing the credentials between the doctor and the facility. Multiple doctors can delegate access to the same administrator. All updates made by the administrator are synced with the doctor account and the facility account.

Doctor Administrator
The Doctor Administrator feature comes in handy when the credentialing is usually handled by the practitioner's administrator. Silversheet allows all three users to be connected and most importantly, eliminates the pain point of not being able to reach the provider when collecting or updating their credentials.

Helpful tip: Reach out to doctors who have asked that you coordinate with their administrator instead and ask them to delegate access to their administrator in a few easy steps.

Account Settings

We’ve also added new features to Account Settings, allowing facility users to customize the platform to fit your facility’s Credentialing Requirements, Peer References, and User Profiles. All three can be accessed from Settings in the left side navigation.

Credentialing Facility Settings

The Credentialing Requirements section lets users set their Needs Input requirements for the Credentials, Appointments & Privileges, Sanctions, and Peer References sections. If checked, documents for those sections need to be logged or else that doctor’s profile will be highlighted in the Needs Input bucket.

Does your center require 3 or 5 Peer References from each provider? You can also set your number of required peer references here. Now, doctor profiles will be in Needs Input if they don’t meet the required number of peer references.

Credentialing Requirements Section

The option to edit the Peer Reference Questionnaire is now accessible from Settings. You can update or add the quality attributes that Doctors will be evaluated on.

Peer References Section

Adding Additional Users

Lastly, adding additional Users to your facility account is easy and allows other users into the account with limited access based on their user role! Silversheet offers three user roles: Super Admin, Admin, and Staff. The current name and email address associated with your account have been defaulted as a Super Admin.

- Super Admin has access to all features, including adding and deleting other Users
- Admin has access to all features except Account settings
- Staff can only view a directory of all Doctors, their appointment terms and list of privileges.

We know many of you have been waiting for this feature. Go ahead and add new Users today!

Adding Users Section

With multiple users, the Activity & Notes section now documents which User created an entry.

Our new features give our users more flexibility around customizing the software for their facilities and also time-saving solutions for some of the tedious parts of the credentialing process.

If you’d like to see why administrators across the country love using Silversheet, contact us for a live demo and consultation.

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