Silversheet Selected As Top 25 Companies in Los Angeles

- August 09, 2018 -


Here at Silversheet we know culture matters, that's why we're excited to be selected by Comparably as one of the top 25 companies in Los Angeles for best overall culture.  Check out the Comparably Blog Post for more details! 

SS Beer ToastFrom our weekly company fire-ups and yoga/stretch sessions to our end of week company retros, company communication (and beer) is always flowing at Silversheet. 

In addition to our ever-evolving collection of snacks we are evolving our team building and company events.  Silversheet Los Angeles and Portland teams were recently spotted running around downtown competing in a scavenger hunt.  Kudos to our winning team, Code Blue (yep we're in medical tech so that's how our team names roll) for winning the top prize.   Although some non-winning team members suspect shenanigans may have been at play, we ended the day with several (sweaty) high fives, hugs and serious team bonding.  

Code Blue

We know that collaboration and cohesion lead to better innovation and productivity so we like to hire smart creative people that also know how to have fun.  During the Silversheet interview process we always ask ourselves, would we want to have a beer or three with a candidate.  If yes, this goes a long way in our selection process. 

While schmoozing during our monthly lunches, happy hours or weekly breakfast, there is alway something to talk or collaborate on.  Although we did replace our water cooler with a water filtration system, water cooler convos still happen about the latest and greatest happenings with our human and furry employees.  

Comparably rankings are based on employee ratings, so we know that there are no shenanigans here when it comes to our top 25 ranking.  

SS Team-1

Check out our Silversheet app and learn more about what we do to revolutionize the way medical provider information is managed.  We have a team of experts that can help you optimize your credentialing process and save valuable time every single day.  

Silversheet is a one-stop-shop for managing and reporting on provider information such as credentials, appointments and privileges.

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