Silversheet Update: Reporting Feature

- January 20, 2016 -

This January we kicked off the new year with the launch of a major feature: Silversheet Reporting. Sometimes it’s easier to see what documents are expiring across every provider. Since our new feature gathers that information onto one sheet, you no longer have to check each provider individually.

We’ve added the reporting feature with filters and sorting capabilities, so it’s super easy to view reports across your entire medical staff within a matter of minutes. You'll be able to filter by: staff, specialty, document, expiration time, and status.

Reporting Feature

As you add filtering conditions, the results will update in real time. You can also filter the results alphabetically or chronologically by clicking on the triangles in each column header.

Column Filter

We created the Download CSV button because we like to keep Silversheet convenient. You can preserve the exported data for backup or for records of your reports.

Download CVS

If you have questions or want a quick demo of how Silversheet can help you streamline your credentialing process, drop us a line at or click the button below:

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