Silversheet Update: Privileges Request Form & Digital Application

- August 17, 2016 -

Sometimes the smallest steps, like checking boxes and mailing forms, in credentialing can take the longest. In this update, we bring you new features that streamlines the way you bring connected providers through the facility’s privileging process: the Privileges Request Form and Digital Application.

Privileges Request Form

Logging a large number of privileges for multiple doctors can be a pain, so we’re replacing the manual process with a digitized workflow. Instead of having the administrator log every provider’s Privileges, they can send providers a Privileges Request Form from the Appointments & Privileges section of their digital profile.

Privileges Request Form

Select one or more templated forms, which are customizable from Settings, to send to the provider who will check off the ones they are requesting for. All outgoing and incoming activity are date-stamped.

Privileges Templates

The Privileges Request Form is ideal for new appointments and reappointments because administrators can shave the time it takes to log privileges individually by hand and acquire information. The provider’s Silversheet profile must be connected to the facility’s account in order to use this feature.

Appointments & Privileges: Digital Application

Great news! Our Digital Application is now available in every state.

We want to eliminate the most tedious tasks in credentialing, and the application process falls comfortably into that category. For each appointment and reappointment, the provider is required to complete almost the same application. Keep in mind that the application is often a thick packet asking for items that probably didn’t change over the 2 year span.

The digital application relieves the headache by storing a version of the completed application to be used in future reappointments or appointments. This means that when a doctor who has already filled out the application in Silversheet needs to be reappointed at the same facility, they can begin with their already-filled copy and make any necessary changes (different privileges, license and certification expirations, etc.).

Digital Application

Before sending a new application to the provider, you are able to “Review & Prefill” fields to speed up the process. The application has 16 parts that can be prefilled in any order, but the applicant must complete it in order.

Digital Application

Our team developed the digital application to streamline the credentialing process starting from the very first step. We also wanted to honor our mission to cut paperwork and reduce workflow delays. Say goodbye to paper applications because now you can send them with a click!

To see these features in action or learn more about how Silversheet can digitize and streamline your facility's credentialing, schedule a live demo with our team.

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