Silversheet Update: New Features

- March 09, 2016 -

It’s no secret the provider credentialing is a long, complicated process involving stacks of paperwork and multiple phone calls to track down physicians and complete a file.

When we first launched Silversheet, we focused on a small aspect of this process: digitizing a provider’s core credential documents, automatically running primary source verifications, and providing expiration reminders to both facilities and providers.

Over time, we’ve added additional features including Facility Documents for HIPAA compliant document storage and reminders, Sanctions for OIG checks, and the first steps towards a complete Appointment & Privileges workflow.

As we added these new features, we realized that we needed to change the structure of a provider’s digital file in Silversheet to support both these additions and new features we have planned down the road.

We’re excited to announce the first in a series of updates that we’ll be rolling out over the next quarter. The biggest update, a change in the workflow of adding a new provider and the structure of a provider’s digital file, is live and available right now.

Let’s take a look at what’s new and available in Silversheet:


Instead of jumping straight to the step-by-step credential upload workflow after entering a new provider, you’ll land on the new provider Profile page that provides you with an overview of all of the various sections within provider’s digital file, along with areas to store the provider’s personal and office contact information and log notes.

Profile View

At the top of the new Profile page, you’ll see the option to invite and re-invite providers to join Silversheet, and some recommended first actions to take.

Recommended Actions

Hover and click the pencil icon to enter the provider’s personal and office contact information. If you enter an invalid phone number, Silversheet will let you know with an error message.

Use Activity & Notes to log important interactions like “Asked for finished application to be returned by Friday.” The system automatically attaches the date logged, saving you time. Don’t want the note anymore? No problem—you can delete them at any time.

Activity Notes


The credentials section now stands on its own without being restricted to the “Needs Input” bucket.  We trimmed down the credentials section to have 2 steps instead of 4 for ease of navigation and workflow:

  1. Upload Copies of Documents
  2. Upload Primary Source Verifications

The four previous steps of “Needs Input” were: Enter DEA → Upload Credentials → Upload PSV → Invite Doctor. The credential manager was funneled through the document upload process with a progress bar for each provider. The new workflow allows the user to upload credentials at any time rather than forcing them to complete the process in that order.

Step 1 Credentials Step 2 Credentials

Sanctions: NPDB Attestations

We’ve expanded the Sanctions section to include support for logging NPDB queries, including those with adverse actions. The section’s input fields change based on the answer to “Were there any adverse actions found?” If “Yes,” you will be prompted to enter the query date, select the type(s) of the adverse action from a dropdown list, and include notes, if necessary.


Once submitted, you are able to upload copies of the doctor attestation and the internal review document, both of which can be viewed after uploading by clicking on the name. With this change, you now have a comprehensive digital NPDB workflow within Silversheet.

NPDB Attestation


The Sidebar, your main navigation between Doctors, Nurses, and Other Staff has seen some changes to more accurately reflect all this added functionality and to support new updates coming down the road.

The definition for the “Needs Input” bucket has changed because our software now supports more than just the core credential documents. Providers will show up in this bucket if they have any one of the following sections of their digital file incomplete: Credentials, Appointment & Privileges, and Sanctions. The relevant incomplete sections are listed in each provider’s row in red text.

Needs Input

The “Needs Attention” bucket (formerly “Out of Compliance”) includes documents or issues that require immediate action. For example, providers with expired licenses or inactive licenses will appear in this bucket.

Needs Attention

Take a look and try it out for yourself!

Automation and a paperless workflow are critical to maximizing efficiency while staying compliant with accreditation standards.

If you are not a current customer but would like to learn about how Silversheet can streamline your credentialing workflow, send us an email at or click the button below to sign up for a demo:

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