Silversheet Update: New Doctors Experience

- July 19, 2016 -

Exciting news! Silversheet for Doctors has been given a new look and features to improve the credentialing experience for doctor users. Our latest update makes tracking progress and sharing credentialing information easy.

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

An Updated Navigation

The new header separates the four sections of the Doctor’s digital file: Facilities, Credentials, Application, and Share. We added additional sections to help users navigate through the platform and find what they are looking for instantly.

Silversheet Doctors Header

Sync with Connected Facilities

Information on connected facilities and pending items live in the Facilities section. Doctors can see a timeline of activities for every connected facility as well as incoming requests from facilities to connect. Having all documentation on one page allows the doctor to identify when each credentialing activity occurred.

We wanted to separate this view from the Credentials view to give users a better and quicker way to access facility information and outstanding requests.


Log and Update Credentials Online

The Credentials section brings Doctor users to a page dedicated to logging and updating their credentials. They quickly can see what is completed or missing in the summary sidebar which marks completed credentials with a green check mark. Doctors can use the Credentials section to log all of their documents online. 

Provider Credentials

Digitize the Provider Application

One of the biggest changes we made was bringing the Provider Application Form to the Doctor experience. Digitizing the appointment/reappointment application process brings us one step closer to a completely paperless credentialing workflow. Doctors can complete the digital application once and send it facilities with an email and a click.

The Digital Application is divided into 14 parts that include Identifying Information, Board Certifications, and Peer References among other standard application sections. Doctors can save a completed section and revisit other parts of the application at any time. The green check marks make it easy to identify which sections are completed.

Applications are usually a heavy packet of paperwork that take long time to complete. It didn’t make sense to our team and doctors to complete similar applications for each reappointment at every facility. Our Digital Application cuts the excess load and keeps the busywork to a minimal.

medical credentials

Share Credentials with a Click

Sharing doctor's credentials is now easier than ever. Simply enter the credential manager's email address to send the documents via email. The perks? It's fast, easy, and secure. Doctors and credential managers can skip the fax machine and phone-tag, which are usually common in traditional credentialing processes. Non-Silversheet users can also access the credentials sent with the Share feature.

Silversheet for Doctors is completely free and signing up for a Doctor account is simple. Click here to get started on a free doctor's account.

If you are a facility administrator or credential manager, schedule a demo to learn why doctors and facilities across the country trust us as their credentialing platform.