Silversheet Update: Health Documents

- October 20, 2016 -

Introducing Health Documents

All doctors are required to submit health documents that verify their immunizations to reduce the risk of exposure to other health workers or patients. We’re excited to announce a product update that allows credential managers and doctors to manage health documents digitally, in one place with the rest of the credential file.

Silversheet now supports these health documents for Tuberculosis (TB) Screenings which is collected yearly, Hepatitis B (Hep B) Vaccination which is collected once, and the Flu Vaccination.

Admins can either log a health document or request it from a doctor if they are connected on Silversheet, allowing them to skip the fax machine and envelopes. The doctor will receive an email notification as well as a web-app message for the request.


You can choose whether or not you want health documents to affect the Needs Input bucket in the facility settings. The Needs Input accounts for health documents by default.


Another way to customize the way health documents work at your facility is through the Credentialing Requirements in the settings. Super administrators can select which health documents, if any, are required for the doctors.


Silversheet’s Health Document feature is HIPAA compliant which means that all electronic private health information (ePHI) never touches our servers.

If you'd like to see how digital Health Documents and other automated features can simplify your credentialing workflow, schedule a quick demo with our team. 

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