Silversheet Update: Appointment and Reappointment Workflow Added

- November 10, 2015 -

Our latest product update brings you two exciting new features: the Appointment & Privileges Workflow and the ability to mark Doctors as Inactive  

Appointment and Privileges Workflow
Our new Appointment & Privileges workflow ensures that you collect and log all the necessary documents from a Doctor before you grant them privileges. We also give you a way to granularly log all the privileges granted to a Doctor, and also set how long their appointment is good for. You’ll receive automated reappointment notifications emails, giving you ample time to process your Doctors’ reappointments.

With this new feature, you not only log all the documents related to the current appointment, but you can also go in and log past appointments with all associated documents. We’re committed to having Silversheet log your entire credential file digitally!

If you haven’t seen for yourself, here’s a glimpse what this new PRO feature looks like:



Inactive Doctors
When doctors are no longer practicing at your facility, you will now be able to mark this doctors as inactive...separating them from the group of Doctors who are actively practicing at your facility. This feature is useful for keeping inactive doctors’ information online with Silversheet, and to make sure all those files are accounted for digitally, even if that doctor only worked at your facility once several years ago.

With this feature, you’ll no longer get bothered with expiration notifications when your inactive doctor’s files expire, and they will no longer be mixed in with all your active doctors, making it convenient to simply see which doctor files to ignore and which to attend to.



Watch this video for a more detailed walkthrough on our exciting new features:

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the update or our software, send us an email at We’re here to help!


Thank You,

The Silversheet Team