Silversheet Update: Free Accounts for Doctor Groups

- August 11, 2017 -



With our new Doctor Group accounts, doctor group administrators can now create free Silversheet accounts to access and manage their all Providers' Silversheet accounts. With this new feature, we hope to help ease communication between healthcare facilities and providers, by looping group admins into the conversation and workflow. 

We understand that a group's administrator often helps their providers keep their professional credential file up-to-date and assist with all their provider privileging tasks. With this update, we make it simple for group admins to get administrative access to their providers' Silversheet account to manage all these credentialing tasks. 

Here's how it works. If you're a group adminstrator:

  1. Sign Up for a Free Doctor Group account
  2. Add all your Providers into your new Doctor Group account
  3. Invite all your Providers to connect on Silversheet
  4. Get full admin access to your Providers' credential file. 

Like before, we will still need the provider to create their own individual Silversheet accounts so they can login and sign appointment documents. Once providers have their own accounts and delegate admin access to their group admins...the group admin can then dive in and start managing the provider's credentialing tasks the provider's connected faciities. 

We're excited about this new type of account available through Silversheet, and hope you'll get in touch with your questions!