Updated: Digital Board Reviews for Provider Appointments

- September 08, 2022 -

We’ve updated our completely digital workflow for you to review, approve, and sign-off on appointments and reappointments...all within the Silversheet.

Feature Overview

With our enhanced Digital Board Approval feature, you can now designate up to 5 levels of review.  For each level, you can specify if the reviewer(s) must submit an evaluation and/or if they must grant privileges. 

updated board approval settings

We have also added evaluation forms for your reviewers to complete as part of the review process.  These forms can be customized to support a wide variety of evaluations for your organization.

For more information on our board review solution, view our original blog post here.

Customers: if you are interested in this new feature, please contact our customer success team at support@silversheet.com. You may also use the the blue message icon at the bottom right of your Silversheet management screen.

To learn more about Silversheet and how our technology can impact your organization, contact our sales team at demo@silversheet.com.

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