Credential Management Resources

- December 08, 2015 -

Credentialing courses can be expensive and thorough guides are difficult to find online… we understand the struggle. Alongside streamlining the credentialing process and eliminating paperwork, one of Silversheet’s goals is to become a collective educational resource for credential managers.

We’re excited to announce our newest addition to our website: The Credential Management Resources Page. All materials are easily accessible and free to the public!

The Resources page provides credential managers with tools and course material to supplement their credentialing workflows. The materials are informative and helpful for all credential managers, new or experienced.

There are currently 3 downloadable materials available to you:
The Credential Management Handbook
Our course guide has 7 complete chapters on the credential management process and expert advice on how to make your workflow efficient.

Credentialing Checklist
The downloadable checklist lets you know which documents to collect at a glance.

Credentialing Spreadsheet Organizer
Keep track of your credentialing progress for every physician in one place with the spreadsheet organizer template.

Whether or not you stick to traditional credentialing methods or decide to go digital, our team aims to provide user-friendly solutions to help you make your credentialing workflow more efficient. We want to make your job about the patients, not the paperwork.

If you want to save even more time by eliminating checklists and spreadsheets altogether, schedule a quick demo to learn about Silversheet’s easy-to-use paperless solution.

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