Silversheet Update: CDS License

- July 14, 2017 -


New Credential Document: CDS Licenses 

We've updated our set of Credential Documents to now account for state-level Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) Licenses. 

If your facility needs to track CDS licenses across your providers, head over to your "Settings" and "Credential Requirements" section, and check the CDS license checkbox. This defines that your facility needs to have CDS licenses on file for all your providers. Don't worry, if CDS is not required for some individual providers, you can always change that later on an individual provider basis.


Now, when you go to the Credential Documents section for a specific provider, you'll see the new CDS license credential document ready to be logged. Here, you'll want to log the most current CDS license, along with the primary source verification for that license. 

After the provider's CDS license is logged, we'll keep you up-to-date of  the CDS license's expiration status just like all your other Credential Documents. 

We hope you find this product update helpful as we seek to help you organize all your credential documents in one help save you time and hassle of tracking all your provider's important credential documents.