Automation in Digital Credentialing

- February 17, 2016 -

We often ask, “Is there an easier way to do this?” in cases that require multiple steps. Credential managers are no strangers to the question.

To label credentialing as a multi-step procedure doesn’t do its meticulous process justice. Sorting, processing, collecting, and updating are high-level steps that each require additional steps such as faxing. Faxing itself would then require the individual to place a document in the machine before pressing buttons. Can you see how the big word at the top branches into countless steps?

The workload often draws out a cry for help, which is where we come in. Silversheet meets credentialing challenges by establishing automation in the workflow. We eliminate the tedious steps and make the job a lot easier.

In this article, we’ll go over how automation works in digital credentialing.

First, we define automation as “the use of software technology to increase the efficiency of a workflow by improving the coordination of the activities.” Setting reminders, running queries, and updating documents are a few of these activities in credentialing.

Notifications for Expiring Documents

It takes a lot of coordination to create a notification system that works. The credential manager needs to know:

  • When the credential will expire
  • Which credential the reminder is for
  • Dates for an adequate window for notifying and updating
  • The name and contact information of the provider or provider’s assistant

Keep in mind that each of the bullet points is a step in the process. The credential manager must manually enter the information for EVERY credential expiring document.

By using the information entered during onboarding, our software automatically sends reminders before each credential is about to expire. A big benefit to digital credentialing is the automation of notifications so that external reminder tools can be eliminated.

Monthly Sanctions Checks

Sanction checks matter, especially if it prevents your facility from employing someone on the OIG blacklist. Since the OIG’s List of Excluded Individuals and Entities should be queried frequently, we believe that automating the activity is beneficial.

Our digital credentialing software supports monthly automatic OIG queries for every provider in the system. We’ll let you know if the provider is on or off of the list without requiring additional action. The feature saves significant time by eliminating all of these steps in the credential manager’s original workflow.

Customizable Reports

Creating reports using a homegrown tool like a spreadsheet takes a lot of manual effort. To do so, credential managers have to work with several sheets, excel formulas, and files… many steps to produce something that’s supposed help you be efficient.

Reporting functionalities are automated in digital credentialing. With a few clicks, you can set filters and generate reports instantly. The export feature allows credential managers to save the file to their computer.

Silversheet’s robust reporting greatly increases efficiency by allowing the credential manager to easily customize reports around their needs.

Progress Monitoring

How do credential managers know if they have completed a provider’s credential file? Digital credentialing softwares know which documents are missing or outdated. They’re smart enough to tell you how far along you are in completing a provider’s file.

At a glance, you can see how much you have completed as well as which documents are expiring or expired. For credentialing, that’s a great way to dodge repetitive spreadsheet scanning and recording.

The Providers can Update

We saw great value in the role and participation of the provider in digital credentialing. While traditional systems require the credential manager to do most of the work, Silversheet encourages providers to update the credential files online themselves.

Involving the providers benefits every party by coordinating activity while cutting down busywork. The credential managers have less on their plates, the providers dodge multiple phone calls, and the facility’s credentials are kept updated. Automation reduces management time allowing the credential manager to work on other tasks.

The shift from paper-based to digital credentialing drives change and benefits in the processes. Automation in the workflow eliminates many of the delays caused by manual work, allowing credential managers to significantly reduce delay and management time.

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