An Updated Design for Provider Accounts

- May 29, 2019 -

An Updated Design

On Wednesday, June 05, 2019, we released an improved design for our provider accounts and group admin accounts that aims to be simpler, more intuitive, and more feature rich. Here's a glimpse at what our new design for provider accounts looks like:

A bit different right? As with most changes, this might take a bit getting used to, but we believe you'll quickly come to enjoy the benefits of this new design change. 

Also, don't worry, your current work will not be affected by this new design change. Appointments in progress and any work done will continue in its normal flow. 

The last major redesign of our provider experience was over 2 years ago, and since then, we’ve learned about the things providers and their group admins enjoy about Silversheet, things they find difficult to use, and new features we need to expand on.

With this new release, we’ve made many improvements, as well as set the foundation for even more future improvements as we continue to build out our platform. Our goal is to make Silversheet even more useful to a growing number of providers on our network.

Below are some highlights of our changes.

A Cleaner Simpler Design
With a brand new layout for provider accounts, we’ve simplified how providers focus on their important tasks, fill out an application, renew help keep their credentials up-to-date with your organization. 

Here’s a snapshot of the home screen for the new provider account. As you can see, we’ve kept all the main sections and core functionality, but updated the layout and interface for an overall improved user experience. We implemented tons of small user interface enhancements that makes entire overall experience faster, easier, and more intuitive to use. 

Introducing...Appointment Packets
We made the experience of filling out all the forms of an appointment packet more intuitive, and more that providers won’t miss critical forms in the application packet. We give providers a checklist of all the forms they need to complete: the application, privilege request forms, and facility forms. 

After the provider follows the prompts to complete all the forms, the provider can then sign and submit the entire Appointment Packet in one simple action. This way, we help ensure none of the important documents are missed. 

We’re continually working to make the provider appointment experience easier and more accurate.

Signatories and Digital Appointment Approvals
We’ve created a new way to for your board members to digitally review, sign-off, and approve appointments and reappointments...all within the new Silversheet provider experience.

Within the facility accounts, credential coordinators can designate exactly who in their facility’s board review committee needs to review appointment files for recommendation and approval. We call these appointment reviewers “Signatories”.

When an appointment file has gone through the credential verification process and is ready for board review, the credential coordinator would send that file digitally to the facility's signatories for "Board Review".

The signatories would log in to their provider account, see a queue of appointment ready for their review and can digitally sign-off an all the appointment awaiting their approval.

Saved Signatures
In our continued effort to make the experience a bit more effortless, providers can now save their signatures and insert them whenever they need to sign something digitally on Silversheet. This works for both providers and signatories. 

We’ve already reduced the number of documents providers are tasked to sign, and with saved signatures, we’re making it even faster to sign documents in Silversheet.

Group Admins
Even as we’re striving to make the experience easier and faster for providers, we know that providers still heavily rely on their Group Administrators to help fill out all their appointment forms, keep their credential documents up-to-date, and work with their facilities to keep up with all the administrative tasks. That’s why we’ve also updated the group admin experience to be consistent with the new design.

Now, group administrators can easily manage all their providers' Silversheet accounts and keep all their data and credentials up-to-date.

That’s just a few highlights of the many small upgrades and tweaks we’ve made to the new provider account experience.

To learn more about all the features, please login to the app and look up the knowledgebase articles labeled “Provider Account”.



If you have any questions about this update, please email You may also reach our message center with the blue message icon at the bottom right in your Silversheet account.