7 Reasons You Need the Right Credentialing Software

- February 13, 2015 -

We know how it is.  You're busy.  Everyone is relying on you to keep the trains on the tracks.  You have a system for EVERYTHING.  And it works… usually.  It keeps you organized and mostly prevents things from slipping through the cracks, but between spreadsheets, your calendar, and paper files, it’s a juggling act.  

Physician credentialing is a particularly painful process, and although older software often created more work, there is a new generation of products that will save you time, money, and frustration.

Here's why you NEED the right physician credentialing software:

  1. Spreadsheets suck.  
    Do you have 5 doctors or more on staff?  If the answer's 'Yes', then you're tracking 30 or more documents with different expiration dates.  So, 3X a month there's an expiring document that you need to deal with.  You're probably managing this with a spreadsheet or calendar, and then bugging doctors to send you their renewed documents.  

    With the right credentialing software, all of this goes away.  The software automatically reminds doctors to renew their credentials and updates your file so it's ALWAYS current.  No spreadsheet required.

  2. Compliance is complicated.
    You're probably not an expert at The Joint Commission, AAAHC, AAAASF, IMQ, and CMS credentialing regulations.  The right credentialing software knows all the rules and is kept constantly up-to-date.  You'll have peace of mind knowing that you are 100% compliant with current regulations.

  3. You have better things to do.  
    Why waste your time running through spreadsheets, silencing calendar reminders, running primary source verifications, and harassing doctors to send you their paperwork?

     The right credentialing software organizes everything in one place and automatically takes care of the verifications and doctor-reminding so you don't have to.  Instead, you can focus your time on growing your practice and seeing patients.

  4. You want to save money.  
    If you're outsourcing your credentialing to a CVO or contractor, you're probably paying up to $200 for each new doctor file and $500 a month or more to manage even a dozen files.  The right credentialing software is less costly than outsourcing your process.

  5. You don’t like leaving anything to chance.
    The right credentialing software will continuously monitor the Databank and CMS exclusion list, guaranteeing that all of your doctors are up-to-snuff.

  6. You ♥ using your smartphone.  With your current system, your spreadsheet is most likely stuck on your computer at work... or worse, pinned to the cork-board above your desk.  

    With the right credentialing software, you can view your medical staff from your mobile phone.  You'll always know who can work, and who can't.

  7. You want to live in the future.  
    We don't have flying cars... yet.  But, we do have electric cars… the future is now!  Find the right credentialing software and see what a difference it will make in your daily workflow.

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