4 Benefits of Outsourcing to a CVO

- September 09, 2015 -

When there are credential files and other administrative responsibilities to manage, the workload can become overwhelming for an individual who may not be a credentialing expert. More than ever, facility decision-makers have been choosing to outsource the work to Credentials Verification Organizations (CVOs) when in-house resources cannot adequately complete the tasks.

A CVO is a full-operations team when it comes to managing your facility’s credential files. Proper management is critical to maintaining quality of care by allowing facilities to appoint qualified physicians and nurses to their medical staffs. In order to protect patients and physicians from legal liabilities, intensive and fair credentialing practices need to exist as part of the daily workflow.

From collecting data to primary source verification, CVOs’ credentialing support alleviates in-house workloads and helps medical facilities avoid poor credentialing that lead to errors in the accreditation survey. They are experts in the field.

Here are 4 benefits to outsourcing your facility’s credential management work to a CVO:

  1. You will receive expert credentialing service

Administrators and nurses who are handed credentialing duties are often unfamiliar with the process and need to learn from scratch. In contrast to the nurse-administrators’ newly founded knowledge and homegrown methods, CVO employees are certified credentialing professionals who are equipped with credential-specific tools.

CVOs consist of teams of experts who are committed to providing quality credentialing services to their customers. They perform audits on credential files to ensure quality and compliance with the accreditation standards. In addition, they are more knowledged about making the right credentialing decisions without compromising your workflow.

By outsourcing to a CVO, you will receive high-quality services and advice from professionals who have been trained and certified to manage credentials.

  1. There is a reduction in costs

Up to an 70% reduction in costs can occur when credential management work is outsourced to a CVO.

Many of these costs occur when a nurse cannot spend time on patient care due to being buried in paperwork and follow-up tasks. The individual still earns the salary of the nurse position, but is instead dedicating his or her entire time to organizing credential files.

An obvious advantage of outsourcing to a CVO is a decrease in the amount of in-house responsibilities around credential management. While maintaining the same amount of transparency, there is a smaller need for staff involvement.

By outsourcing, there will be a higher time-value return because your employee will be able to prioritize quality patient care rather than spend time on mundane tasks.

  1. CVOs have a faster turnaround time

CVOs are guaranteed to have a faster turnaround time than in-house credential managers. They are highly productive teams with automated processes for managing credentials efficiently. In contrast, it may take an in-house manager weeks to manually sort through file folders and spreadsheets.

CVOs have developed and optimized their process over years of providing credentialing services. They stay competitive by continually improving their technologies and processes to demonstrate their commitment to improving health care.

When there are new rules around credentialing, researching and understanding all regulatory changes can be a time consuming process. CVOs cut time by always staying current with credentialing standards so their customers are in compliance.

With a higher confidence in their credentialing data, you will be able to make credentialing decisions more rapidly and save time overall.

  1. CVOs are unbiased

When a physician has a certain reputation in the medical industry, a facility's bias towards him or her might affect the in-house credentialing decision. The bias may work in favor for physicians with positive reputations or vice versa.

Regardless of any reputation, CVOs are completely detached from facility’s preconceived ideas. They perform thorough assessments and verifications of each physician to ensure that only qualified physicians can practice on patients. Their job is to provide careful and fair monitoring that meet the accreditation standards.

CVOs credentialing approach prevents employees from claiming bias in facility staff limits. As a result, physicians and other employees are positively reassured by the fair treatment.

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